So, why choose Stephen Paul?

Ok, so there are a million Photographers out there to choose from - So, why choose Stephen Paul?

Because the Ethos of Stephen Paul is different - Stephen believes that the shoot is all about you the client, & not about Stephen telling you "This is what's best for you!", "This is what you want!", "This is how your images should look!" - a shoot with Stephen is always about you!

Consultation is the key to any successful shoot. Will Stephen listen to what you want from your shoot? Absolutely! Will Stephen advise you if you want him to? Of course! Stephen has many years experience working in a variety of industries & is always happy to assist a client get the very best from their shoot.

Stephen's experience of working with clients ranges from clients who know exactly what they want, to clients who only know that they want to capture 'something', even if they don't know what they want or how to go about it.

Stephen's easy going nature will make you feel relaxed and ensure that you know that the shoot is all about you and what you want. Most importantly, Stephen will make sure that you enjoy the experience!

The images exhibited on Stephen's website are just a small sample of Stephen's work. Stephen always respects a client's confidentiality, and will only share work publically with permission.

Stephen travels globally for shoots for a wide range of clients. So if you want Stephen to work for you, and Stephen & his camera can get there, consider it done!

Please click HERE to see a few examples of Stephen's experience and qualifications.


 Stephen Paul


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