Professional Photography Services

Why choose Stephen Paul Photography?

The Ethos of Stephen Paul Photography is a little different – We believe that the shoot is all about you the client, & not about being told “This is what’s best for you!”, “This is what you want!”, “This is how your images should look!” – a shoot should always be about you!.

Commercial & Corporate

Get the very best from your photoshoot

Consultation is the key to any successful shoot. Will we listen to what you want from your shoot? Absolutely! Will we provide you with advice on your shoot? Of course! We have gained many years experience working in a variety of industries & we are always happy to assist a client get the very best from their shoot.

Portraits & Portfolios

Experienced with a range of clients

Our experience of working with clients ranges from clients who know exactly what they want, to clients who only know that they want to capture ‘something’, even if they don’t know exactly what they want or how to go about it. With our professional guidance and experience¬† a client always get a finished produced that meets their requirements.

Events & Special Occasions

Weddings, Celebrations, Award Ceremonies, Charity Events, Promotions

We know just how precious memories are of special moments in peoples lives and never lose sight of the trust that clients place in us when we photograph their special event. With experience of working on a wide range of events in often challenging environments you can be assured that we will have your event covered.

Image Retouching & Restoration

Relaxed Approach

Getting in front of a camera, often for the first time, can be a daunting prospect for some people. We have easy an going way of working  and will make you feel relaxed and ensure that you know that the shoot is all about you and what you want. Most importantly, we try to make sure that you enjoy the experience!

Projects & Concepts

Always Professional

The images exhibited on this website are just a small sample of our work. We always respect a client’s confidentiality, and will only share work publicly with permission.

We often travel globally for shoots for a wide range of clients. So if you would like to commission work, and we can get there, consider it done!